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Please feel free to browse the articles and view the movies in this Sample Landscape Photography MasterClass. For more information about the MasterClass, click on the About The Better Photography MasterClasses under the MasterClass link at the top of the page. Remember, when you join the MasterClass, you have a lifetime subscription.

FINE ART: Pilbara Storm is a photograph of an amazing storm shot during the wet season in Australia's north-west. The movie shows a series of images taken in the area, then discusses how the landscape was finessed in Photoshop.

CRITIQUE: MasterClass members submit images to Peter Eastway and a selection of image is made each month to be critiqued. The feedback is anonymous. This movie provides 'real world' examples and shows how to deal with issues and think about landscapes in different ways.

KNOWLEDGE: What aperture is best for landscapes. Many people will suggest the smallest aperture gives the greatest depth-of-field, but does it produce the sharpest images?

POST-PRODUCTION: Lightening and darkening your images using a 50% grey layer in soft light mode with a brush has never been easier - once you set it up. This movie shows you one of the techniques Peter Eastway employs.

JOURNEY: An article discussing a location to consider for future landscape photography expeditions. This article covers central Italy.

ACUMEN: Everyone would like to sell a photo or two! If you do, you want to be sure your photograph is going to last, so what makes an archival photograph?

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