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Can't Run DVD On Your Windows Computer?

Playing Back the Landscape Photography MasterClass DVD

We are sorry you are having problems playing your DVD. So are we! However, it wasn’t always like this. When the DVD was released, it was carefully tested on both Windows and Mac systems – and it worked flawlessly.

However, both Windows and Mac operating systems are updated regularly and recent changes have made playing the DVD difficult.

Here are some solutions:

Try Firefox Web Browser for Windows

In Firefox, try this:

  1. In a new browser window, type  about:config
    A warning will say it might void your warranty – click ‘I accept the risk’ to proceed.
  2. Look for
    The Status should be default
    The Type should be Boolean
    The Value should be true
    If not, right click and select Modify – change Value to true
  3. On our computer, we couldn't find the exact same wording. Instead we found:
    We did not change this, rather we added in the above name:
          Right click and select – New > String
          Enter the preference name:
          Enter string value: true  
  4. Look for media.directshow.enabled
    The Status should be default
    The Type should be Boolean
    The Value should be true
    If not, right click and select Modify – change Value to true

With luck, the DVD will now work. If not…


Try Installing IE Tab on Google (Windows only)

In Chrome, go to Extensions (click on the three vertical dots on the right, go to More Tools > Extensions). Follow your nose and install the IE-tab.

After you have installed it, there is one more step. At the top of the browser window, usually on the right of the screen next to the location window, you should see an ‘e’ logo in a blue circle – click on this.

Now, down at the bottom of the page on the left, you will see ietabhelper.exe in a box – click to run it…

Now IE is correctly installed.

Exit Chrome. Re-open Chrome and hopefully the Landscape MasterClass will work properly too!

If not, then the only option left is to play the videos manually using a video player…


Install VLC Video Player on a Windows computer

This is not an optimal solution, but it worked for us in November 2016.

Find VLC Video player and install it on your computer.

Using VLC, go Media > Open File. Navigate to the DVD and the Media subfolder. In the Media folder is a list of folders for each of the video presentations – open one and then click on the .mp4 file.

For instance, in Media / CapePalliser folder, you will find a file called CapePalliser.mp4. Click on this and VLC should open the video and play it.

If you are still having trouble with VLC, in VLC go to Tool > Preferences > Input/Codecs

In the Codecs box, ensure Hardware-accelerated decoding is set to ‘Automatic’ in the drop down box.

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