Can't Run DVD On Mac?

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Can't Run DVD On Your Mac?

If you have purchased the DVD version of the Landscape Photography Masterclass, it comes on a DVD. When you insert the DVD into your Mac, the contents of the file opens and you double-click on the the 'DoubleClickMe.html" icon. The DVD will open up in your browser - usually Safari, but it might be Chrome, Firefox etc. You do not need access to the internet to play your DVD as all the information is on the DVD.

However, the Mac doesn't know where the DVD has come from, so depending on how you have your Mac set up, it may stop you from playing the video lessons. You may see a screen like this:

Or it might just not play and there's no error message. In most cases, it has to do with the privacy settings on your Mac. If we can change these settings, the DVD will work correctly. Here's how to do it.

First, exit the DVD. Close down Safari/Chrome etc.

Next, open up System Preferences. On you Mac screen, up the top left corner, click on the Apple menu and a couple of lines down you will see System Preferences. Click on it and the following screen will open.

 You want the Security & Privacy section. Click on the icon circled above and the following screen will open. It should open on the General tab as shown below.

The section we want to change is Allow apps downloaded from: We want to change it to Anywhere. When you click on this button, nothing will happen because you have to unlock the screen first - click on the padlock icon at the bottom left of the screen window and the following screen will open.

Enter your username and password.

Now you can click on the Anywhere button and a warning screen will open. Click on the Allow From Anywhere option, after reading the little warning and noting that after 30 days, Apple will helpfully reset your computer and you will have to do this all over again!

One other suggestion: If the Landscape Masterclass isn't opening in Safari after making these changes, then try opening it up in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (which may require you to download these free browsers from the internet and install them on your Mac). We have had success with this strategy as well!

With each update of the Mac OS, the details, wording and look of the above screens may change, but the principle remains the same! And if you find that this solution doesn't work, please touch base with us again and we will help you through it as best we can!

We much prefer cameras to computers!! 


Here's another thought...

Install VLC Video Player 

This is not an optimal solution, but it worked for us in November 2016.

Find VLC Video player and install it on your computer.

Using VLC, go Media > Open File. Navigate to the DVD and the Media subfolder. In the Media folder is a list of folders for each of the video presentations – open one and then click on the .mp4 file.

For instance, in Media / CapePalliser folder, you will find a file called CapePalliser.mp4. Click on this and VLC should open the video and play it.

If you are still having trouble with VLC, in VLC go to Tool > Preferences > Input/Codecs

In the Codecs box, ensure Hardware-accelerated decoding is set to ‘Automatic’ in the drop down box.

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