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The Better Photography website includes several levels of access. This section is provided for photographers who are keen to earn an income from photography, whether as part timers or a full time professional. It provides access to all Better Photography Membership content, plus all the Photo Business content as well. We'd be delighted if you subscribed!

To read three sample articles, you can visit our Free Content section (click on the link to the left), and go to the Photo Business Sample Articles link - or click here.

What if you subscribe and you don't find them useful? We offer a full money back guarantee if you're unhappy with the content. We're pretty sure there are many great ideas that will more than repay the cost of your subscription.


STEP 1: Log in using the Member Log In box (top right of this page). To log in, you must first be regsitered, so if you haven't yet registered, click the link in the Member Log in box to Create an account first and then log in.

STEP 2: When the top right of the page shows you as having been logged in, there will be a new menu item, Your Subscriptions. Click this link and you will be presented with a new page. Click the next link to Purchase a Subscription and a list of subscriptions will appear. Select the Better Photo Business Subscription and then click the Paypal logo to pay. Clicking this logo will let you pay by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.


  • Pro Studio Basics
    Pro Studio Basics is a series of articles written for the professional photographer who is just starting out, a photographer who wants some insight into what a professional photographer needs to know, or for experienced professionals wanting to revise the 'business basics'.
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  • Interviews With Professional Photographers

    From time to time we interview some of the world's leading professional photographers and ask them about business-related issues. These are general articles with a host of ideas and suggestions - well worth several reads to get the most out of them. Of course, being leaders in the profession, many of these photographers have moved on or changed their approaches, so we also tell you when the interview was made so you can put their thoughts into context.

    Article Count:
  • The Business of Photography
    Professional photographers need a broad range of business skills. In this section you'll find a variety of topics, from marketing and legal issues, to marketing and and dealing with the competition.
    Article Count:
  • Sample Photo Business Articles
    Article Count:
  • Tax Issues - Australia Only
    Article Count:
  • Copyright
    Article Count:
  • Products and Marketing
    Article Count:

Peter Eastway Uses

Peter Uses

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